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Fit Woman

the health & safety

we take H&S very serious here at the fitness test. we ensure all testers have basics training and all equipment is regularly checked. 

we obtain informed consent from participants before conducting any fitness testing. ensure they understand the purpose, procedures, potential risks, and benefits of the tests. provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and clarify any concerns.

encourage participants to perform a proper warm-up before the tests to prepare their bodies for physical exertion. include dynamic stretching, mobility exercises, and light aerobic activity to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injuries. similarly, incorporate a cool-down period after the testing to gradually lower heart rate and promote recovery.

we briefly educate participants on the correct technique and form for each test to ensure safety and accurate results. we demonstrate and provide verbal cues on how to perform each movement properly, emphasizing proper posture, joint alignment, and breathing.

we ensure that all fitness testing equipment is in good working condition and properly maintained. we regularly inspect equipment for any damage, wear, or malfunction. we follow manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols for the use of specific testing equipment.

we encourage participants to stay hydrated throughout the testing process by reminding them to drink fluids as needed. allow appropriate rest breaks between tests or as required by individuals to prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of overexertion.

tft maintain confidentiality of participants' personal and health information. tft ensure privacy during testing by providing appropriate screening areas, changing rooms, or partitions as needed.

we have emergency protocols in place, including access to first aid supplies, AED (automated external defibrillator) if available, and knowledge of emergency procedures. designate personnel who are trained in first aid and CPR to be present during the testing.

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