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Do This Exercise To Boost Your Testosterone & Growth Hormone Levels


Six sets

Ten reps

Two minute rest between sets


In a recent study, researchers from the University of North Texas investigated which strength exercises better-stimulated testosterone and hGH release.

The study involved ten healthy young men with at least six months of resistance training experience. The men performed the squat or leg press, and the training

consisted of six sets of 10 repetitions, separated by minutes of rest. Blood samples were taken from the subjects before training, directly after training and 15 and 30 minutes after training to analyse testosterone and hGH.

Researchers concluded that after squats testosterone and hGH levels increased by 120% and 239% respectively 😳🤯

As you already know growth hormone and testosterone are hormones required for many things in our bodies but what people rarely recognise is their role in our bone's density and degradation.

Other than the obvious uses of testosterone, it builds bones in puberty up-to thirty years of age and then slows down the decline of bone density past thirty years of age.

Growth hormone on the other hand helps maintain body composition by regulating fat breakdown and building muscle mass in both men and women.


hGH promotes regular periods and increases fertility making life a tad more predictable. It also consolidates your gains whilst giving you energy for the rest of your week.


hGH allows you to keep your pump and grow muscles quicker.

TESTOSTERONE aids in fertility, makes you smarter, helps memory and mood, builds muscle and keeps you energised.

Start your workout cycle with this exercise using this technique for max results 😁

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