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Gym Workout

gym exercises - common weight loss exercises

chest exercises

  • bench press

  • dumbbell flyes

  • push-ups

  • cable chest press

  • incline bench press

  • chest dips

back exercises

  • deadlifts

  • pull-ups

  • bent-over rows

  • lat pulldowns

  • t-bar rows

  • seated cable rows

shoulder exercises

  • shoulder press

  • lateral raises

  • front raises

  • upright rows

  • arnold press

  • rear delt flyes

leg exercises

  • squats

  • lunges

  • leg press

  • deadlifts

  • hamstring curls

  • calf raises

bicep exercises

  • bicep curls

  • hammer curls

  • preacher curls

  • concentration curls

  • cable curls

  • chin-ups

tricep exercises

  • tricep dips

  • tricep pushdowns

  • skull crushers

  • close-grip bench press

  • overhead tricep

  • extensions

  • tricep kickbacks

abdominal exercises

  • planks

  • sit-ups/crunches

  • russian twists

  • hanging leg raises

  • cable crunches

  • ab rollouts

cardiovascular exercises

  • treadmill running

  • stationary cycling

  • elliptical training

  • stair climber

  • rowing machine

  • jumping rope

full body/compound exercises

  • deadlifts

  • squats

  • clean and jerk

  • snatch

  • farmer's walk

  • burpees

flexibility and mobility exercises

  • yoga poses

  • foam rolling

  • stretching exercises

  • pilates exercises

  • dynamic warm-up movements

gym slang

1. gainz: referring to gains in muscle size, strength, or overall progress.

2. shredded: having very low body fat and well-defined muscles.

3. swole: describing someone with noticeably large and muscular physique.

4. pumped: feeling increased blood flow and temporary muscle fullness after a workout.

5. reps: short for repetitions, indicating the number of times an exercise is performed.

6. sets: referring to a group of repetitions. for example, doing three sets of 10 reps.

7. PR: abbreviation for personal record, signifying achieving a personal best in lifting or performance.

8. DOMS: acronym for delayed onset muscle soreness, the muscle soreness experienced after intense exercise.

9. broscience: informal fitness advice or theories that are not scientifically supported.

10. beast mode: this refers to pushing oneself to the maximum during a workout with intensity and determination.

11. spotter: someone who assists and supports another person during an exercise, especially when lifting heavy weights.

12. cardio bunny: describing someone who focuses primarily on cardiovascular exercises rather than strength training.

13. gym rat: this refers to a person who spends a significant amount of time at the gym, dedicated to their fitness goals.

14. cut: the process of reducing body fat to achieve a lean and defined physique.

15. bulking: a phase where individuals consume a surplus of calories to gain muscle mass.

16. cutting: a phase where individuals consume a calorie deficit to lose body fat and enhance muscle definition.

17. gains goblin: playfully used to describe someone who frequently takes or uses other people's weights or equipment without asking.

18. beast/badass: terms used to describe someone with exceptional strength, power, or overall athletic abilities.

19. flex: showing off muscles or displaying muscular definition.

20. HIIT: acronym for high-intensity Interval training, a type of workout involving alternating high-intensity exercises with short rest periods.

21. plyometrics: explosive exercises that involve rapid muscle stretching and contracting, such as box jumps or jump squats.

22. leg day: the designated day for working out the lower body, focusing on exercises for the legs and glutes.

23. plateau: a stage where progress stalls or slows down, often requiring changes to the workout routine or approach to break through.

24. anabolic: referring to processes or substances that promote muscle growth and tissue repair.

25. catabolic: referring to processes or activities that break down muscle tissue, often associated with intense exercise or calorie deficit.

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